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he walks
through rain-soaked
coated in deliverance,
of chances,
relieved of
sentimental freedoms.
Improbable nights
punctuated by
mocking, razor-close
spur his deliberate
crated and shipped
to tender 3am
He runs
his last heart beat
w/buffalo nickels
and mythic faith.

(originally published in my 2nd book of poetry, Native Instincts by Sun Arts Press)


Airplane Flying Over Destroyed Ruins of City

Scraps of plastic
and campaign promises
litter the muddy, barren fields

puddles of oil
and chemical waste
seep into aquifers and wells

nuclear fallout
and bitter regrets
sprinkle a bombed out children’s playground

from sea to shining sea.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez

Although it’s been almost a month since its publication, I’d like to once again thank
Voices De La Luna for choosing me as the featured poet in their November
2016 issue. I am very honored!

Poets Anonymous

                                                                                     after Thinkers Anonymous by Anonymous

It began serenely enough,
I started writing poetry in the park. You know
a quatrain or a metaphor – just to relax.
Eventually, one poem
after another emerged
and rapidly, I was more
than just an occasional
writer. I commenced to
seek solace frequently
through verse -to unwind,
I expressed to myself.
But I saw the lie
for what it was.
Poetry became increasingly imperative
to my sanity. Soon, I was writing poetry
That’s when disharmony began at my abode,
my delicate wife and I finished
a decidedly bland television program,
I shut the foul device off,
and decided to regale her with written entreaties
of my love poetry.
She sallied to her
mother’s domicile.

At my place of servitude, I started writing
epics and pantoums on errant
scraps of paper.
Eluded fellow workers
for poetry writing marathons.
My employment overlord requested
my presence and uttered these
dire warnings:
“Hey buddy, you’re a nice guy,
but your damn poetry writing
is getting out of hand.
If you don’t stop writing on the job,
you’re fired!”

This caused great
consternation and much
therapeutic writing from me.
I imparted my concerns to
my matrimonial dove,
“Dear flower, I’ve been writing about-”
“I know you’ve been writing,” she exclaimed,
with much pouting and tears,
“You write as much as those Beat Generation poets
or those slam poets, and they’re poor as shit…
so if you don’t stop writing,
we won’t have any damned money!”

I replied, “That is as incoherent a metaphor
as seagulls swimming in deserts-”
and she exploded in hysterics and expletives.
But I was in no villanelle of mind
for the violent vitriol,
“I’m traversing to the poetry reading!”
I bellowed.

I squealed the vehicular chariot
up to the coffee shop,
in a ranting, raging free verse mood
for poems like Howl by Allen Ginsberg
or What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali,
but the coffee shop was closed.

Even now, I count how
the stars aligned that evening.
Lying prone before the coffee shop doors,
whimpering for a little Bukowski,
some Walt Whitman,
a billboard drew my
crying eyes:

“Loser, is poetry corrupting your brain?”

You may discern the quote
from a popular advertisement
for Poets Anonymous.
It was fortuitous, as now I am
evolved into a new,
more brain-dead version
of myself:
a recovering poet.

We Poets Anon intersect nigh
each week and extol
upon efforts to deny
any verse constructs or
fey sentence structures
through boisterous football
or mindless drinking games.

The connubial den is improving,
and I remain a slave to the overlord,

existence appeared less convoluted
as soon as I denied
the muse and her trappings.

Today, my journey seems complete
for my peace of mind,

I jumped into the black maw
and merged with the
vacuous Republican Party.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez

image of a business woman looking at the falling paper

falling poetry

Poems the size
of legal paper
are pelting

innocent pedestrians
and causing traffic jams
as drivers exit their

vehicles just to read
the falling poetry.
Eyewitnesses on the scene

indicate most of the
doggerels are in free verse
and couplets,

but some are as large as epics.
This station advises
listeners to stay in their

homes and apartments,
or risk being educated,
or worse connected

with another human being.

Block windows and doors!

Whatever you do,
don’t read the falling

We thank you
for listening.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez



A river gurgles and sputters
on the way to event horizons
lousy with dawn and dusk,
the pale brook paints
itself amid deserts and scrub brush

fighting fisherman
thirsty for flounder, petrified,
oriented towards twilight’s
deep reds and faint yellows.

November coddles the stream,
bursts through country dams,
groans over urban rapids
clouded with flowers drowned
by last night’s downpour
of favors and drought.

The trickle remains
friends with angry clouds and
crazy fog, dribbles
lazy in its walk past
city parks to parched,

summer pools.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez

Rod C. Rodriguez (Stryker)


The “Birth” of Rod Carlos Rodriguez

(Birth Name: Carlos Emilio Rodriguez)


For over 25 years, the nom de plume (seudónimo) of Rod Carlos Stryker has served me as a warm and constant reminder of how I started in this exquisite world of writing, poetry, and the arts. Stryker has been my closest ally, my most steadfast compadre, and has become synonymous with the Sun Poet’s Society. Under this name, I’ve met and broke bread with people literally from around the world. I founded arts organizations, started magazines, wrote award-winning books, and was nominated three times for San Antonio Poet Laureate as Rod Carlos Stryker. I’ve also enjoyed many lessons and opportunities for growth in the arts and beyond while simultaneously honoring my Uncle Jesus Rodriguez and Aunt Cindy Rodriguez who were singularly instrumental in my 30 plus years of writing (see my blog, The Birth of Rod Carlos Stryker: ).

But in the last few years, I have felt a deep-seated desire to return to my roots, mi familia en Puerto Rico. Though some may argue it’s just a name and that it doesn’t really matter what I call myself, I have come to a point in life that it does matter. I want to fully embrace the part of me that is connected to my heritage and my culture in my writing and art photography. Naturally, this will be a process of transition. No change comes without trials and tribulations. Since “Stryker” is and always will be a part me, I will continue to use “Rod” as a salute to both my previous alter ego’s memory and my uncle and aunt’s immeasurable influence (dramatic, I know). Most importantly, each person must be honest with who they are and how they present themselves. And I am ready to present and represent this next chapter in my life with a more authentic spirit; a rebirth that will be documented in an upcoming book tentatively titled, Elysian Blues.

With all that said, I officially reclaim my birth surname and henceforth will write, publish, and proclaim myself to be Rod Carlos Rodriguez. All of my currently published books (that are in print) will still be available for purchase and if you’re interested in getting a copy, please search on Amazon ( using my previous pen name of Rod Carlos Stryker or search via my book titles of Native Instincts (Human Error Publishing) and Lucid Affairs (Sun Arts Press). Additionally, my art photography will still be available at

In the meantime, please join me as I begin this journey of rebirth. I look forward to new and continuing adventures as Rod Carlos Rodriguez. Thank you to everyone for your (hopefully unceasing) support in poetry, art, and life.


Peace and poetry,

Rod Carlos Rodriguez, poet

(formerly, Rod Carlos Stryker)

chair – Sun Poet’s Society


Journey’s Bliss

Journeys require
that first step on a new path
before our bliss.


Rod Carlos Rodriguez




Rod Carlos Stryker has left the building…