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Airplane Flying Over Destroyed Ruins of City

Scraps of plastic
and campaign promises
litter the muddy, barren fields

puddles of oil
and chemical waste
seep into aquifers and wells

nuclear fallout
and bitter regrets
sprinkle a bombed out children’s playground

from sea to shining sea.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez


American Flag
A long maze
begins after stepping
off the plane.
Directed down this hallway
and that corridor,
behind first one
line, then another.
Misdirection is king,
even as tempers flare,
the lines keep moving.

“Are you the one we’re looking for?”

A home since my birth,
America questions my right
to step once again on her shores,
embrace her promises
of freedom and liberty,
inhale her spirit of unity,
savor her cuisine of grace.

“Are you the one we’re looking for?”

Pulled aside, questioned, belittled
with ignorance and politics-du-jour,
forced to swallow my second-class
status based on
the hue of skin,
a random cast of countenance.

“Could you be the criminal we’re looking for?”

For no other reason than a common
name, a darker beard,
a lesser human, being
taught over and again,
America isn’t free,
united, doesn’t
brim with grace.

NO! I’m not the one you’re looking for!

But keep it up,
that tipping point
is coming.
That straw will
break a thousand

Your America, that
white privileged whore,
has betrayed
me for the last time!

I want a new girl,
one who truly
loves me as a native son,
and will always,
never ask again:

“are you the one we’re looking


Oh say, can you see…

Rod C. Stryker


Stormy Times by kwest

Stormy Times by kwest

A two-hundred-mile-wide hurricane
emerged from my ear
and laid waste to my house, garden
and the neighbor’s immaculate
rosebush planted last year.

I wanted to name the hurricane,
but the thought was blown away
as it crashed through
Austin and Jeb’s Tune-up Shop,
Waco and ol’ Bubba’s Liquor Barn
until it finally stalled
over Jasmina’s Food Mart in Dallas,
a food mart that had the
bad luck
of sitting right next to the house
George W. Bush and family

had retired to
after the worst
8 years as President
of these United States.

When the hurricane
mercifully decided to dissipate
above Bush’s home,
neighbors and
former constituents
picked themselves up,
gathered what few remaining
belongings they could find
and dejectedly trudged
back to their
devastated homes and cities.

A few shot accusatory,
evil glances at Bush’s house
that miraculously
remained intact,
except for the missing plastic
cross that had been
stuck in the front lawn
exclaiming “This is a Godly House.”

good name.

Rod C. Stryker


A somewhat political piece. Hope you like it.

Lambs and sheep

Father’s of America,
give your children to the war effort,

like Abraham ready to
sacrifice his only son,

lambs sheared and wrapped
as presents
to the butcher,

a slaughterhouse for freedom
enticed by
being an army of one

or signing up for the toughest
job you’ll ever love,

and as the line stretches
around the corner,
we can’t
be bothered by the screams
heard half-way ‘round the world,

of innocent families
caught up
in conflicts over there

justified by the mother-of-all
catch phrases….

yes the carnage will be televised
but the bodies will

be hidden…for the sake of our
morality…dictated and changed
on a daily basis.

Anyone for sacrificial steak?

Rod C. Stryker

This was written a few years back but is still very relevant today, unfortunately.

Artwork by Dmitriy DenysovArtwork by Dmitriy Denysov

Decadent lifestyles of

the miffed and heinous

take center stage

with bells and chimes


      Singin’ the blues

 in textured pastels,

they descend to greater

feats of misery

   and mayhem.

Pay them their due

    or suffer

   the likes of a

World Trade Center massacre

    or a despot-led riot.

And quiet the whispers

   of the love and peace

      we crave

      so we remain sane

  in our depths of depression.



Rod C. Stryker

An older poem. Hope you like it.