he walks
through rain-soaked
coated in deliverance,
of chances,
relieved of
sentimental freedoms.
Improbable nights
punctuated by
mocking, razor-close
spur his deliberate
crated and shipped
to tender 3am
He runs
his last heart beat
w/buffalo nickels
and mythic faith.

(originally published in my 2nd book of poetry, Native Instincts by Sun Arts Press)


Airplane Flying Over Destroyed Ruins of City

Scraps of plastic
and campaign promises
litter the muddy, barren fields

puddles of oil
and chemical waste
seep into aquifers and wells

nuclear fallout
and bitter regrets
sprinkle a bombed out children’s playground

from sea to shining sea.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez


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Mine Enemy, Caesar


Cataclysm has struck
and we are
stuck in Caesar’s
his white line
plows foolish soil,
oozes sores,
erupts with privilege
and rancid, rotting
meat to poison,

draws itself ’round

the common good,
It builds upon itself,
makes a wall
of unpresidented height,
bulges, sometimes
bursts, spills black
bile on mi gente, mi familia.

Bring it down.

This wall
spreads and warps
into a putrefied tower,
looms, dominates over all,
punishes objection,
insurrection, rebellion.

Bring it down.

A tower that teeters,
threatens to fall
under Narcissist’s
gold-flecked mirror
as my voice joins
millions, screams:
smash that tower!

Bring it down!

Caesar must fall.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez

Although it’s been almost a month since its publication, I’d like to once again thank
Voices De La Luna for choosing me as the featured poet in their November
2016 issue. I am very honored!


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for Standing Rock

Sunrise on the Cannonball River and the Oceti-Sakowin camp Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, photo by Thane Maxwell

Sunrise on the Cannonball River and the Oceti-Sakowin camp Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, photo by Thane Maxwell

-quenches my blood,
these bones,
in silent homily.

-bathes my heart,
this soul
in pure love.

-streams my eyes,
when facing water cannons,
or warrior fellowship,
or concussion grenades.

-has no interest
in criminal banks,
or corrupt police,
or politicians.

-struggles against
nothing but the moon,
the sun, the stars.

-blesses me in
compassion for
my very human condition.

-tidal waves my
muse in unlimited

Standing Rock.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez

Stormy sky over flooded lighthouse

 a lighthouse sings of liberty

Give me your
brown, your black, your rainbow,
all oppressed masses
yearning to shake free
the wretched yoke
of racism, discrimination,
teeming from shore to shore.
Send those racists, those homophobes
back to the bowels of hell
from whence they came,
banish them to tempest-tossed
seas, while I lift my lamp as
a welcome to all who
embrace equality beside
the golden arch of love
and freedom.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez


Night has plunged
my sky so terrifying,
fractured into infernos
of fear, dread so deep
my freedom shivers,
it waits for the chains,
to scrape and bleed
my wrists raw,
my voice screams
even as white-hot
bullets tear through
vocal cords, to force
my silence, my compliance,

I will not.

Silence was enforced
as manifest destiny
as Native People died
for gold, land, conquest.

Minds were colonized
as White-Man’s-Burden
to ensure the status quo
at the cost of culture,
of language.

Lives were lost
in Selma
by southern white devils
demanding racist-policies,
revenge against a King,
an X, a Chavez.

Night has plunged
my earth into sorrow
so full, the oceans
turn emerald, jade, olive,
in sweet aspiration,
we drown,
gasp for the reasons
this horrid jester
rapes us, kills us,
laughs at our folly.

We MUST light
this night,
dispel its death
upon the sky, the ground,
the air we all breathe.

Embrace dissent,
fracture the jester’s
smile, pour
the soul of justice
down its throat!


We will not be

ever. again.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez