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Mine Enemy, Caesar


Cataclysm has struck
and we are
stuck in Caesar’s
his white line
plows foolish soil,
oozes sores,
erupts with privilege
and rancid, rotting
meat to poison,

draws itself ’round

the common good,
It builds upon itself,
makes a wall
of unpresidented height,
bulges, sometimes
bursts, spills black
bile on mi gente, mi familia.

Bring it down.

This wall
spreads and warps
into a putrefied tower,
looms, dominates over all,
punishes objection,
insurrection, rebellion.

Bring it down.

A tower that teeters,
threatens to fall
under Narcissist’s
gold-flecked mirror
as my voice joins
millions, screams:
smash that tower!

Bring it down!

Caesar must fall.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez


Although it’s been almost a month since its publication, I’d like to once again thank
Voices De La Luna for choosing me as the featured poet in their November
2016 issue. I am very honored!