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Stormy sky over flooded lighthouse

 a lighthouse sings of liberty

Give me your
brown, your black, your rainbow,
all oppressed masses
yearning to shake free
the wretched yoke
of racism, discrimination,
teeming from shore to shore.
Send those racists, those homophobes
back to the bowels of hell
from whence they came,
banish them to tempest-tossed
seas, while I lift my lamp as
a welcome to all who
embrace equality beside
the golden arch of love
and freedom.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez


Rod C. Rodriguez (Stryker)


The “Birth” of Rod Carlos Rodriguez

(Birth Name: Carlos Emilio Rodriguez)


For over 25 years, the nom de plume (seudónimo) of Rod Carlos Stryker has served me as a warm and constant reminder of how I started in this exquisite world of writing, poetry, and the arts. Stryker has been my closest ally, my most steadfast compadre, and has become synonymous with the Sun Poet’s Society. Under this name, I’ve met and broke bread with people literally from around the world. I founded arts organizations, started magazines, wrote award-winning books, and was nominated three times for San Antonio Poet Laureate as Rod Carlos Stryker. I’ve also enjoyed many lessons and opportunities for growth in the arts and beyond while simultaneously honoring my Uncle Jesus Rodriguez and Aunt Cindy Rodriguez who were singularly instrumental in my 30 plus years of writing (see my blog, The Birth of Rod Carlos Stryker: ).

But in the last few years, I have felt a deep-seated desire to return to my roots, mi familia en Puerto Rico. Though some may argue it’s just a name and that it doesn’t really matter what I call myself, I have come to a point in life that it does matter. I want to fully embrace the part of me that is connected to my heritage and my culture in my writing and art photography. Naturally, this will be a process of transition. No change comes without trials and tribulations. Since “Stryker” is and always will be a part me, I will continue to use “Rod” as a salute to both my previous alter ego’s memory and my uncle and aunt’s immeasurable influence (dramatic, I know). Most importantly, each person must be honest with who they are and how they present themselves. And I am ready to present and represent this next chapter in my life with a more authentic spirit; a rebirth that will be documented in an upcoming book tentatively titled, Elysian Blues.

With all that said, I officially reclaim my birth surname and henceforth will write, publish, and proclaim myself to be Rod Carlos Rodriguez. All of my currently published books (that are in print) will still be available for purchase and if you’re interested in getting a copy, please search on Amazon ( using my previous pen name of Rod Carlos Stryker or search via my book titles of Native Instincts (Human Error Publishing) and Lucid Affairs (Sun Arts Press). Additionally, my art photography will still be available at

In the meantime, please join me as I begin this journey of rebirth. I look forward to new and continuing adventures as Rod Carlos Rodriguez. Thank you to everyone for your (hopefully unceasing) support in poetry, art, and life.


Peace and poetry,

Rod Carlos Rodriguez, poet

(formerly, Rod Carlos Stryker)

chair – Sun Poet’s Society


Journey’s Bliss

Journeys require
that first step on a new path
before our bliss.


Rod Carlos Rodriguez




Rod Carlos Stryker has left the building…