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Night has plunged
my sky so terrifying,
fractured into infernos
of fear, dread so deep
my freedom shivers,
it waits for the chains,
to scrape and bleed
my wrists raw,
my voice screams
even as white-hot
bullets tear through
vocal cords, to force
my silence, my compliance,

I will not.

Silence was enforced
as manifest destiny
as Native People died
for gold, land, conquest.

Minds were colonized
as White-Man’s-Burden
to ensure the status quo
at the cost of culture,
of language.

Lives were lost
in Selma
by southern white devils
demanding racist-policies,
revenge against a King,
an X, a Chavez.

Night has plunged
my earth into sorrow
so full, the oceans
turn emerald, jade, olive,
in sweet aspiration,
we drown,
gasp for the reasons
this horrid jester
rapes us, kills us,
laughs at our folly.

We MUST light
this night,
dispel its death
upon the sky, the ground,
the air we all breathe.

Embrace dissent,
fracture the jester’s
smile, pour
the soul of justice
down its throat!


We will not be

ever. again.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez


Inkwell and feather on a old paper

because tears

need a witness in the rain

and the homeless

need a voice in the silence

to open hope’s eyes

for one more day of what-could-be

if a child

begs for love with her eyes

when a people

rise up for what is right

or a mom

takes a third job to make ends meet

will the bluebonnets

paint the fields in azul tones

if the breath

creates the life para darnos el amor

and the meaning

gets lost and found within

the always growing reasons

that I write and write and    write

by Rod C. Stryker

This is a more recent piece. Hope you like it.