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Stormy sky over flooded lighthouse

 a lighthouse sings of liberty

Give me your
brown, your black, your rainbow,
all oppressed masses
yearning to shake free
the wretched yoke
of racism, discrimination,
teeming from shore to shore.
Send those racists, those homophobes
back to the bowels of hell
from whence they came,
banish them to tempest-tossed
seas, while I lift my lamp as
a welcome to all who
embrace equality beside
the golden arch of love
and freedom.

Rod Carlos Rodriguez


flag of tibet

The pain of leaving,

the fear of

arrest, prison or death

just for pursuing

    a future,

   some hope.

Tenzin must be

   strong, must be


Checkpoints at every turn

   threaten his journey,

but this

tall, 13-year-old boy

    doesn’t waver.

W/two kids,

a westerner and a guide in tow,

he walks across mountains, shelters

in hotels and homes

trusting no one.


he dreams of a time

   he can return

to his family,

to a free Tibet.

And as

freedom is bought & bribed & distracted

from officials and guides alike,

Tenzin is

determined to

take at least

his parents’ spirits

     to lands of peace

   and truth.


And Tenzin is you,

      he is me.

Yes we must remember



his struggle.


For it is




Rod C. Stryker

This poem was written a few years ago after I heard of a 13 year-old boy who walked across the Himalayan mountains to avoid oppression from the Chinese government. It was published in my book, Exploits of a Sun Poet. Hope you like it.