Abandoned Carousel

Abandoned Carousel

At the state fair:
a dirty, torn stuffed bear,
a broken Ferris wheel leans
sideways, slowly decays.

Shattered, scattered fun house mirrors
glitter as the stars near
rusted carny trailers.
Ring toss bottles
remain piled haphazardly
against the pie-eating contest
stand and the pin wheel ride.

Dented, pitted by storms
and age, the carousel
lays quiet, still.

And old, state fair flyers
blow over everything…never rest.

Last ticket sold
years ago.

Rod C. Stryker

  1. Antonia (Toni) Murguia says:

    No More Tickets is a great description of a closed playground that reminds me of the old Playland Park. I can feel the sadness of it closing. I just found your website. Great job on the poem!

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