Posted: July 16, 2015 in literature, poetry
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It stays by me in daylight hours,
at night,
it creeps
under or around,
depending on
a lifetime companion,

a presence I take for granted,
even as I sleep.
But during slumber,
does my shadow
leave me,

spend the wee
hours at night with
other shadows?
Does it have
its own
Facebook account?

Is it joining
protests or clubs or other
favorite causes without
my knowledge?

Does my shadow
break hearts?
Does it hurt?

Is it planning,
in the dark recesses
of its mind,
to take over
the world?

And if I found out,
would I want
to be its shadow
as well?

Would I have
a choice?

Rod C. Stryker




  1. paulrostov1 says:

    We live in a world, which is too shadowy.

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