Lamb’s Blood

Posted: May 1, 2014 in literature, poetry
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Lambs and sheep

Father’s of America,
give your children to the war effort,

like Abraham ready to
sacrifice his only son,

lambs sheared and wrapped
as presents
to the butcher,

a slaughterhouse for freedom
enticed by
being an army of one

or signing up for the toughest
job you’ll ever love,

and as the line stretches
around the corner,
we can’t
be bothered by the screams
heard half-way ‘round the world,

of innocent families
caught up
in conflicts over there

justified by the mother-of-all
catch phrases….

yes the carnage will be televised
but the bodies will

be hidden…for the sake of our
morality…dictated and changed
on a daily basis.

Anyone for sacrificial steak?

Rod C. Stryker

This was written a few years back but is still very relevant today, unfortunately.

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