Capo-Di-Monte Mathis

Posted: December 6, 2013 in literature, poetry
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Villa Finale

Villa Finale

Napoleon leads the charge

through libraries of

Greek and Russian icons,

images depict dark scenes

next to chandelier bells.

I’m carried by

lion-footed ice chests

past creamers that moo,

pick sweet meats off

golden trays.


The Cusco art

bedazzles beside

Santos and Tiffany clocks

that chime with mysteries

of thrones and yellow rooms.


The peacock melts

the wax from

glowing glass and

Texas redbacks.


The woman suspended

from the chandelier

sings saloon songs and I hide

in the pantry

protected by guardian sculptures.


Capo-Di-Monte Mathis

overwhelms and saturates

the senses, history

drowns me and

I succumb, with a smile. 


Rod C. Stryker


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