Posted: November 13, 2013 in literature, poetry
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purple mountains minority

Foreboding a warming concept,

  magazine smiles and styles

proliferate the hungry illusions,

  so the well-to-do can say,

     “everyone’s happy,”

  when everyone’s not.

       Try to cure this quite

   malignant disease

       and be ass-branded

  that queer label


     My country, ‘tis of thee,

   sweet can of bigotry,

    oh we displease

    the majority if ideals

       are for joe-off-the-street

       because joe has nothing to eat.

  And joe is black, Latino, Asian.

      The Land of the Free wars with

The Lands of Allah and crack and heroin.

   And poor remains poor no matter

  how it’s said.

       The clear conscience (guilt) remains

      most seen.

While any other (truth),




Rod C. Stryker

Another older piece, still very much reflective of today’s world. Unfortunately.

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