Last Picture Poet

Posted: September 12, 2013 in literature, poetry
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Abandoned Drive-in by Jeremywhat

photo by Jeremywhat

There goes the

last picture poet,

pants limp below

his knees,

   losing his faith,

yet gaining

all those mountains


at the heavens,

 tears racing

    past his chin.

His laughter

echoes through valleys,


his last poem’s

last line’s

inspired silence.

He stumbles blindly,

tripping over

shoelaces and pant legs,


ascendant and damnable

ideas to flood

his vision

and rips his common sense

   free of the

many-splendored superstitious



his mind,

changing itself

in dark corners,

as he

dives off

the mountain,

eager to glimpse


and begs Fate

to come out and play,

one last time.


Rod C. Stryker

This was published in my book Exploits of a Sun Poet (Pecan Grove Press). Hope you like it.

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