Theological Musing Study Final

Theological Musings Final by Rod C. Stryker

Tore a rent

in reality today

and pulled out

all those prophets, gods

and semi-divine beings

that have been pestering

our fickle faiths

into the light of day

so they could

settle things amongst


I figured it

would spare

us lowly mortals

some grief

and give us a much

needed reprieve

from genuflection, sermons,

swearing and penitence;

as well as jihads,


and sacrifices;

not to mention deep-seated

resentments based

solely on a difference

of belief.


Once the supreme ones


I threw them back into the void

bloodied and maimed,

their divinity faded,


And for the first time,

we looked upon

one another

w/new eyes,

new hearts.

And began the

journey towards




Rod C. Stryker

This is an older piece. Seems it’s still applicable to today’s religious issues. Hope you like it.

  1. Jenei says:

    Love this!

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