King George’s Angel – a demon/saint sonata

Posted: August 22, 2013 in literature, poetry
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King George's Angel Embrace Final I

King George’s Angel Embrace Final by Rod C. Stryker

It must

discourage the angel

that enfolds you,

holds you,

to watch these crimes

explode around you,

confounds her wings

in blood and rage.

A wink and a kiss

spark a flame

between guardian

and monarch


in exquisite

acts of contrition

pirouetted amongst

the bodies and souls.

Your angel’s tears

play taps

as your bombs

gouge craters

in sweet disaster.

You fan the flames

that singe her wings

against skies

rolling in

smoke and betrayal.

The burning flesh

smells like heaven

to you.

Long live the king.


Rod C. Stryker

This poem and art photograph were published in my current book, Lucid Affairs (Sun Arts Press). If you’d like to get a copy, click here:


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