Land’s End

Posted: August 21, 2013 in literature, poetry
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Elysion Blues

 Photo – Elysion Blues by Rod C. Stryker

I inhale

the spirits of

stone and forest,

so kind to lay trees and rocks

for my climb up the mountain.


As juniper

branches gently

comb my hair,

Stonehenge formations

help me acknowledge

what went before.


I add my sun stone

to the cairn                

in an effort to delay

Death’s quiet approach.

Compadres met

along the trail

yield warm summer afternoons

and welcome insight

to the cycle.      



I prick my finger

on sharp causality

affirming the spark,

reminding me

how much fun

I’m having.


Even as the summit

is won,

my capricious Thalia

reveals the ocean



And w/my


at land’s end,

lay the body’s ashes

in the rolling seas,

so generations

can perceive

a sun poet.


by Rod C. Stryker

This is an older poem. Hope you like it.

  1. duanemiller says:

    Very nice, thank you.

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