Knight in Shining Chanclas

Posted: August 19, 2013 in literature, poetry
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iron chancla

Old man

of El Ranchito,

forehead on his knees,

knows the importance

of love unconditional,

the pain of

iron chanclas rusting

in the closet;

the frustration it brings.

Still he remains seated,

knees to forehead

waiting for his unconditional

love to return,

baking in the

Texas triple-digit blues.

He fools himself

into believing he’s tricked

them all,

persuaded the lie

of polished chanclas

and authentic happiness.

But look under

the wide-brimmed hat,

stare deep

into the tear-stained


and know the truth,

feel the loss.

And maybe,

if it’s yours to spare,

love him.

Just love…him.


by Rod C. Stryker

This was published in my book, Exploits of a Sun Poet (Pecan Grove Press). I’ve also included an MP3 of me performing this piece with backing classical guitar by Jorge Sanchez. It was included in my spoken word album, Exploits of a Sun Poet.

  1. whalefungus says:

    Excellent. I see this stereotypical statue still.

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