Semi-Live at Zoey’s

Posted: August 13, 2013 in literature, poetry
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   I taste the notes

      in the back of my throat

   and wash them

      down with the bottom

      dregs of my coffee.

  I feel moved by the experience.

  Hence these paltry lines/attempts

      at an original thought or

cuter twist of phrase

      to please my closet ideals

   or subtle just-below-the-surface

hints of vanity.

Panicky crowds and

    artsy-airs add spice

 to my musings and rages.

  As Zoey’s blend-o’-the-day

       settles in anxious heaps,

   fuzzy figures dance before

mine eyes of never-dreams

     and never-mores

    while that door to my soul

    is left swaying

  to the will o’ the wind.



Rod C. Stryker

Zoey’s was a coffeehouse and poetry central in San Antonio, Texas many years ago. It was both here and at King William Bookstore that I cut my teeth in the fine art of spoken word performance. This first poem is an older piece. Any thoughts would be welcome.


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